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Wilder is a landscape photographer currently based out of Telluride, Colorado. Through his work, Wilder aims to transport viewers to scenes that they may never see with their own eyes, as well as capture familiar vistas at moments that are less commonly witnessed.

Wilder's work has been featured in publications such as Malibu Times Magazine, 303 Magazine, Boulder Magazine, Colorado Crafted, The Outbound Collective, Out There Colorado, and more.

Growing up in a rural, Oklahoma town, mountainous landscapes always seemed a bit mystical to me. I moved to Colorado in 2017 after college and quickly became obsessed with the Rocky Mountains.

I purchased my first camera as a way to document these beautiful landscapes that I was visiting every weekend. Whether I was going on an afternoon hike, an overnight backpacking trip, or an exhausting day spent trudging up and down a 14,000 foot peak, I felt the urge to document and share these beautiful scenes that I was surrounded by.

In doing this, I became obsessed with the entire process of photography: the outcome of different camera settings, lighting, the editing process. I felt as if I had discovered the creative outlet that I had been unknowingly craving up until that point.

I feel extremely lucky that I am able to spend my time surrounded by these landscapes. I try to never take it for granted, as I know many people rarely get to experience these locations. Through photography, I strive for each image to depict the feelings that I experienced while standing in that scene.

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